Central Stores

Central Stores & Warehouse

The Central Stores Catalog is the first place you should look when you determine you have a need for routine supplies, e.g., batteries, paper, cleaning supplies, etc. The catalog has been developed to assist in finding frequently used materials and supplies that are kept in stock and available through Central Stores. Central Warehouse staff will normally deliver the items requested within 24 hours except bulk paper and bulk custodial supply orders which are delivered on a weekly schedule.

Central Stores Catalog

There are currently over 600 items stocked.  The catalog is available in eProcure under the Preferred Suppliers category.

Placing an Order

To place an order from Central Stores:

  • Search for the item(s) in the Central Stores Catalog in eProcure
  • Add the item(s) to your shopping cart
  • Take the shopping cart through the checkout process and place the order
  • After delivery, create a quantity receipt in eProcure 

Orders are usually delivered the next business day, except for bulk paper and bulk custodial orders. Bulk paper is delivered on Wednesdays - please submit your order by Tuesday afternoon. Bulk custodial supply orders are delivered on Fridays - please submit your order by Thursday afternoon. If you have an emergency order, please contact Central Stores directly.

Request New Items

Qualified items (e.g. an item not being provided under an existing prime vendor contract) not currently stocked that are purchased routinely (multiple times per month) may be eligible to be stocked. Complete the New Item Request Form and submit to Central Stores Warehouse for consideration.

Central Stores & Warehouse team members are Charles Hoey and Mac Pace.

Please contact our team with questions or suggestions.

Roger Brown
Fleet & Supply Manager