Fleet Management

The College owns and leases various vehicles used on campus.

Vehicle Identification

State-owned motor vehicles are identified through use of permanent State government license plates and State decals. Agency decals may be substituted for the State Seal decal if prior approval is granted by the State Budget and Control Board. No vehicles shall be exempt from these requirements for identification except those approved by the Budget and Control Board.

Official Use Only Policy

State-owned motor vehicles are authorized for use in the performance of all travel or tasks necessary to accomplish official State business that is within the rated design capability of the vehicle. Use is not authorized for unofficial travel or tasks, the transport of unauthorized persons or items, or the performance of tasks outside the rated capacity of the vehicle. Examples of authorized and unauthorized use of vehicles are shown in Appendix A. Violation of the Official Use Only Policy is punishable under appropriate State employee disciplinary procedures.

Who May Drive a State Vehicle

The basic driver qualification for operation of a State vehicle is a valid, current South Carolina driver’s license appropriate to the type vehicle being operated and completion of the Vehicle Safety Training course offered by the Environmental Health and Safety department.

New State employees who have recently relocated to South Carolina may operate a State vehicle using a valid driver’s license from their former State for up to 90 days, at which time they must obtain a South Carolina driver’s license. Employees who are spouses of active duty military personnel stationed in South Carolina may operate a State vehicle using a current, valid driver’s license from their State of residence.

Contract or consultant personnel who reside outside South Carolina, but who must operate a State vehicle while engaged in State business, may do so using a valid driver’s license from their home state during the period in which their services are employed by the State of South Carolina. Employees who permanently reside in other States, but work in South Carolina, may operate State vehicles using the license from their State of residence.

Required Driving Practices

Drivers will abide by applicable State and Federal laws while operating State vehicles. Posted speed limits will be observed and traffic signs or signals will be obeyed. Additionally, the following safety and security policies will be obeyed.